A joint statement on the historic partnership between our union and clinic executives.

Today our union SEIU CCWU and leaders from partner community clinic employers at St. John’s Community Health, Healthright 360, Gardner Health Services, Asian Health Services, West Oakland Health Center, and Clinica Romero issued a joint statement:

“Community clinics are an integral part of our state’s healthcare system. Serving more than 7 million Californians each year, including historically underserved low-income communities and communities of color. This year, lawmakers and Gov. Newsom put their words into action by passing landmark legislation, SB 779 (Stern) and SB 525 (Durazo), which will ensure that community clinics can fulfill the needs of our communities.

SB 779 will guarantee communities, policymakers, and stakeholders have critical information at the individual, local clinic sites, while SB 525 raises healthcare workers’ minimum wage to $25/hour and helps address our state’s healthcare workforce shortage. Both SB 779 and SB 525 will increase investment in the workforce and patient care and strengthen our clinics to better serve our patients and their families. 

In partnership with SEIU, we have been able to achieve historic gains and begin addressing issues impacting care throughout the healthcare system. From workforce development to investment in the workers who make our healthcare system accessible to all, it’s through a strong labor and management partnership we are able to reach sustainable solutions that will support hundreds of thousands of quality healthcare jobs throughout California and deliver on the promise of access to quality care for all Californians. We are heartened that the state legislature and Gov. Newsom share our commitment to health access and equity. We look forward to expanding our partnership with labor and to lawmakers’ continued leadership on health equity.”