Gov. Newsom Signs Law Investing in the Retention of Healthcare Workers 

Today, Governor Newsom signed AB 204, providing critical funding to community clinics to retain and recognize community clinic workers. Thanks to an unprecedented partnership and advocacy from eight community clinics and SEIU Community Clinic Workers United, California is dedicating $70 million for retention payments to an estimated 70,000 frontline health care workers at California’s community clinics.

WE DID IT! We won $1,000 in state funding for retention bonuses! 

We did it! Our statewide movement of community clinic workers secured retention bonuses for all community clinic workers in California. $1,000 bonuses will be awarded to approximately 70,000 clinic workers across the state.

These retention bonuses recognize our hard work and sacrifice and couldn’t have come at a more critical time as our clinics face a retention crisis.

Healthcare workers rally with Sen. Bob Hertzberg and Asm. Wendy Carillo to urge California to address worker shortages in our state’s community clinics

On August 12, Los Angeles legislators Senator Bob Hertzberg and Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo joined health care workers and community clinic leaders to announce a major milestone in our effort to save community clinics across California from the brink of collapse. Community health centers across California were facing a financial and staffing crisis before the pandemic—then their revenue and workforce were walloped by COVID-19. Clinic budget shortfalls have led to longer wait times and diminished care for patients.

“Since COVID, we have far fewer staff, and more healthcare workers leave community clinics for higher-paying jobs. We are urging lawmakers to help us fix this ongoing problem of not having enough workers and also providing relief to the clinic workers that remain,” said Anselmo Espinoza, a lead medical assistant at Clinica Romero and a member of SEIU 721.

At the rally and press conference, which was held at Clinica Romero in LA, workers, elected officials, and clinic managers called on the Newsom Administration and legislature to commit to $1,000 retention payments. These payments would benefit an estimated 70,000 frontline health care workers at California’s community clinics.