The Union Difference

Forming a union takes the power out of the hands of management and puts it in the hands of the workers. At Clinicas, we’ve seen how management makes changes to our work and our benefits with zero input from us, the people who make Clinicas work!

By joining with SEIU Community Clinic Workers United, we can have a say in our wages, benefits and working conditions – and management can’t make changes without our say so!

“I’m fighting for our union because I want to see changes in the workplace. We shouldn’t have to be overworked to in order to be able to provide quality care.”
Esmeralda Nieto
Medical Assistant

Join the Fight for a Clinicas Union!

Did you know?

Management has made changes to Clinicas policies just by updating the employee handbook.

2020 Policy

2023 Policy

  • Regular and part-time employees accrued vacation at the same rate

  • Employees had an annual floating holiday

• Regular and part-time employees accrue vacation at different rates

• Clinicas added the federal Juneteenth holiday, but took away the floating holiday


SEIU Clinic Workers in CA have won...

When you don't have a union...


St. John’s Community Health workers won a $25 minimum wage, plus a 3% increase in 2024, and 3% increase in 2025. Additionally, workers earning $24.50 or more will receive a 4% increase in 2023.

Without a union contract, Management has the final say over when or if you get a raise.


Santa Rosa Community Health Center pays 100% of health insurance for eligible full-time positions.

Clinica Romero’s provides pension plans and matches up to 2.3% of employee’s pay.

Without a union contract, management can retract, adjust, or replace benefits at any time, if you even get benefits in the first place.

Fairness At Work

Unionized workers have the right to have union representation at every disciplinary meeting. Employers can no longer use any legal reason to terminate an employee at any time.

Without a union contract, human Resources and management have the last word on disciplinary actions, regardless of evidence and facts.

Paid Time Off

La Clinica de la Raza workers earn 10 days of vacation each year for years 1 and 2 of employment, 15 days for years 3 and 4, and 20+ days of vacation each year after 5 years.

Without a union contract, awarding paid time off is at the discretion of management and Human Resources.

Opportunities for Advancement

St. John’s workers can access a $50,000 annual education and training fund, plus they reimburse LCWS, ACSWS full cost of license, and MAs and RAs for costs associated with maintaining registration and/or licensing.

Career advancements are on management’s timeline and preferences, without any employee input.

“I want to win our union for my coworkers. We are the heart of Clinicas and a union will allow our voices to be heard.”
Juan Romero