Omni Family Health workers are organizing for better working conditions, now.  Will you join?

It’s clear that Omni Family Health (OFH) clinic administrators are afraid of us clinic workers standing together.

We know this because they’ve relocated some of us to other worksites, written some of us up, and privately said things that can make us feel alone.

What they won’t tell you is that they recognize that there is power in clinic workers uniting and speaking up together for better wages, working conditions and to advocate for our patients.

Administrators can do or say some hurtful or scary things but together, we can stand stronger than ever before and demand the wages and working conditions we deserve.

This landing page is dedicated to help OFH clinic workers understand worker rights, the tools, and who in your clinic system is fighting for a voice on the job.

This is your one-stop webpage to learn the mistruths admins make and how to join your coworkers to fight back against unfair treatment.


Clinic workers across California are building power by uniting in SEIU Community Clinic Workers United. Now lawmakers are listening to our demands, and on Thursday, September 14, California State Assembly and Senate have passed Senate Bill 779 and Senate Bill 525!

Senate Bill 525, the $25/hr Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage bill, will raise the minimum wage of ALL of CA community clinics, including Omni Family Health, plus 400,000 other healthcare workers across the state. All clinic workers will start earning $21/hr in 2024, $22/hr in 2026 and $25 by 2027. 

Senate Bill 779, the clinic transparency bill, for the first time require clinics to report on important information at individual clinics sites about whether clinic management is investing in hiring more workers and staff development – not just higher administrator salaries. This helps lawmakers and communities that rely on clinics understand how clinic funding is really spent. 

Clinic worker across California united in SEIU CCWU made this happen. Let’s make sure Governor Newsom signs SB779 and SB525 into law!

Click this link, fill out this short form, and tell Governor Newsom to sign these bills. 

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Reach out to SEIU CCWU representative Megan Rusell 661-333-7058 to learn what your rights are and what next steps can be taken.

Follow SEIU CCWU for developments on clinic workers' rights and more