Our movement of community clinic workers who are advocating to improve patient services is going strong and building momentum!

Unfortunately there are some who are misrepresenting our movement and trying to keep workers from excercising their rights.

Has your employer been holding meetings to talk negatively about CCWU? This is a common tactic by management in an attempt to avoid accountability but don’t fall for it!

Employers know that organized workers are empowered to advocate for improvements and will hold them to higher standards.

Remember, it’s your right to:

  • Talk to whomever you want
  • Be active with unions and other organizations
  • Organize with fellow workers

Boss Scare Tactics

“You can’t talk to anyone from Community Clinic Workers United on clinic property.”

“Employees aren’t allowed to sign the petitions on clinic property.”

“You’ll get in trouble if you engage with anything related to Community Clinic Workers United.”

“Those who get involved in CCWU or other union organizing activities are being disloyal and will be treated that way.”

“Unions don’t do anything. They just want your money and you can’t afford to pay union dues.”


Employees have the right to talk to whoever they want before work, on their breaks or after work.

Employees have the right to sign whatever they want to support, especially when they’re doing it together with co-workers.

You have a right to engage in lawful activity before work, on your break or after work.

Employers are prohibited from discriminating or retaliating against employees for participating in union activities.

Actually workers ARE the union and they do A LOT! Union workers make higher wages and are safer on the job and dues pay for representation, etc.