An Open Letter to the CEOs of California’s Community Clinics:

We, the over 60,000 Community Clinic Workers across the state of California who provide care and services to the most vulnerable Californians, have secured $70 million in funding from the state for the Clinic Workforce Stabilization Payment Program in recognition of our contribution to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health issues that our state faces. 

We, SEIU-Community Clinic Workers United along with partner allies, advocated and secured this relief for individual retention bonuses of $1,000 per eligible clinic worker for ourselves and our coworkers.  These funds will work to stabilize our clinic workforce in the face of a health care staffing shortage crisis, so that our Community Clinics can continue providing primary and preventive care to low income and underserved populations.

We call on you to do your part to recognize our clinic workers and keep our clinics fully functional by requesting the funding that has been already allocated for this purpose to the State Department of Healthcare Services.