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CA Clinic Workers Win Push For Bonus Registration

With the December 28th registration deadline passed, tens of thousands of California clinic workers are one step closer to the $1,000 retention bonuses that we fought for and won over the course of this year.

Not only were clinic workers instrumental in pushing lawmakers in Sacramento for $70 million in funding for these bonuses, but we also kept the pressure on to ensure that our state’s employers, both large and small, registered to apply for the funds. 

Getting these clinics to register was no guarantee. Many of the largest in the state dug in their heels and refused to register until after the deadline was extended.

Moving these employers would have been impossible were it not for the hundreds of clinic workers who signed our open letter and the dozens of worker delegations across the state who delivered our letter to the bosses.

Our fight for our bonus money isn’t over! Now that clinics have registered, they must apply for the funding between Dec. 29, 2022 and Jan. 27, 2023.

While our efforts did push more than 300 clinics to register, a few holdouts refused to do right by their workers, including – Health Service Alliance, Morongo Basin Healthcare District and Family Health Matters Community Health Center.

That’s why it’s essential for us to continue to stick together and fight! We’ve got to ensure that every registered clinic applies for the bonus and that those who didn’t register learn what it means to disrespect essential clinic workers!

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