SEIU Community Workers United

Who We Are

Our community clinics have fallen into a crisis driven by understaffing, low pay, and sub-standard benefits for the essential workers keeping clinics running—all of which impacts timely access to care for our patients. California has made progress, but without improvements to our state’s safety net care we can’t fully deliver on the promise of providing access to healthcare for our vulnerable residents.

Clinic workers understand the root of the problems that they and their patients face every day. Clinic workers are joining together in a union, demanding a seat at the table with clinic executives so that workers can have a say in the decisions that impact patient care, in addition to having the opportunity to bargain for decent pay and benefits.

What’s a Union?

A union is a group of coworkers who are joining together to make work and the services we provide better. This means WE, the clinic workers, are the UNION. WE collectively decide what our priorities are for our contracts and negotiations.

SEIU is a union of more than 700,000 workers in California, and more than 2 million in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.