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SB 525 & SB 779 Pass the Senate!

Living Wage Bill Passes Senate

Our bill to provide clinic workers across the state a living wage, SB 525, passed the State Senate and is on to the Assembly! SB 525 would establish a $25/hr minimum wage for all CA healthcare workers – including workers at community clinics!

This victory wouldn’t have been possible without the support of clinic workers joining together with other healthcare workers to march on the capital and urge state lawmakers to fix the ongoing healthcare worker shortage. Check out our video from that day and be sure to like, share and comment!

While this victory is encouraging, the fight isn’t over yet and we need everyone’s help to get this bill passed by the State Assembly.

As the bill heads to the State Assembly for additional committee hearings and a vote, we need to keep on fighting and organizing to make sure that our elected representatives do what’s right! Clinic executives are already spending big to silence worker voices and lobby elected leaders against this crucial living wage.

This bill isn’t only helping healthcare workers get better wages, but it also crucially helps bring workers back into the workforce so they are able to care for our community members and fill the gaps in our understaffed healthcare facilities.

A Victory for Transparency

In addition to SB 525 moving on to the assembly, SB 779, the clinic data and transparency bill also made it through the senate this week! CCWU clinic workers were instrumental in the passage of this bill by sharing their stories with lawmakers.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go toward community clinics, yet many remain understaffed. SB 779 would help make sure that elected lawmakers and other key decision makers know whether individual clinics have enough staff to provide the quality healthcare that our patients deserve and need.

As these two important bills work through the Assembly, CCWU clinic workers will continue to fight to make them law!