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Clinic Transparency Bill SB 779 Signed by Governor

We have scored a major victory for all Californians!

For the first time, community clinics across the state will be required to disclose more detailed information about whether they are adequately staffed to provide quality care.

This transparency means better service and care for community members as these vital data points will help clinics with everything from securing funding to retaining employees and more.

SEIU Community Clinic Workers United (CCWU) fought hard for SB 779, along with the bill’s author Senator Henry Stern. This victory is a huge step forward in ensuring that clinics are investing public dollars to hire enough workers, training them effectively and providing care to the Californians who need it most.

Last year CCWU secured a total of $70 million in retention bonuses for community clinic workers and now we’ve won this historic law. CCWU continues to gain momentum because clinic workers are relentless advocates for fairness and justice for everyone who comes through the doors of our clinics and we are just getting started!